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Structure of CASBEE assessment software

To operate the system, the assessor fills out two assessment forms at each design stage: the Main Sheet and the Score Sheet.
The assessment results for each assessment items are given as scores for Q; Built Environment Quality and LR; Reduction of Built Environment Load on the Score Sheet.
Here the indicator LR is assessed, representing not the L: Built Environment Load itself, but the level of performance in minimizing built environment load imposed outside the hypothetical boundary.
The Assessment Result Sheet mainly displays the result of the assessment of a building using CASBEE.

Assessment Result Sheet
Score Sheet


Score Sheet

Assessment categories
The sheet is divided into sections representing the assessment categories indicated below. Based on the restructure of assessment items, Q (Built Environment Quality) is broken down into three categories of Q1 (Indoor Environment), Q2 (Quality of Service) and Q3 (Outdoor Environment on Site). LR (Reduction of Built Environment Load) is also sub-grouped into LR1 (Energy), LR2 (Resources& Materials) and LR3 (Off-site Environment).

Scores are given based on the scoring criteria for each assessment item. These criteria applied to assessments are determined taking into consideration of the level of technical and social standards at the time of assessment.
A five-level scoring system is used, and a score of level 3 indicates an "average".

Each assessment item, such as Q1, Q2 and Q3, is weighted so that all the weighting coefficients within the assessment category Q sum up to 1.0. The scores for each assessment item are multiplied by the weighting coefficient, and aggregated into SQ; total scores for Q or LR; total scores for LR respectively.

Assessment Result Sheet

(1) Project Outline
The outline of the assessed building is presented in the sheet, including such information as building type, location, floor area of the building.

(2) Result of CASBEE
(2)-1 Results by category
These are summarized in the form of a radar chart, bar graphs and numerical values.

(2)-2 BEE (Built Environment Efficiency)
Information on BEE as calculated from the results of Q and L is displayed.
In CASBEE, assessment scale for Q and LR ranges from 1 to 5.
As SQ represents the score of Q category, the numerator Q is derived from SQ. Similarly, the denominator L is calculated from SLR.

The definition of BEE is indicated below.

BEE= Q / L = 25*(SQ-1) / 25*(5-SLR)

SQ= Score for Q category
SLR= Score for LR category

BEE is presented as a graph on the left, with Q on the Y axis and L on the Y axis, so that BEE is the gradient of the line joining the point with coordinates equal to the Q and L values to the origin (Q=0, L=0).
The higher the Q value and the lower the L value, the steeper the gradient and the more performance assessment classification from C (poor) through B-, B+, A and S (excellent), corresponding to regions divided according to the line gradient.

(3) Important assessment items excluded from comprehensive assessment for building environmental efficiency
This is the column to enter indicators which are not included in assessment under (2), but which are important for building environmental performance assessment.

(3)-1 Quantitative assessment indicators for typical building environmental loads
Calculate and enter the results for primary energy consumption in operation, water consumption volume and LCCO2 etc. The figures displayed here are representative quantitative values for building environmental performance assessment. If possible, the evaluated building and a standard building may be compared and a reduction value and reduction rate indicated for each assessment value. Enter the above on completion of the Execution Design Stage, and on completion of the Construction Completion Stage. For the time being, the assessor can select a suitable LCA method for the assessment process from among the various published LCA methods.

(3)-2 Design process assessment
This is the area for checking items that are important environmental considerations in building management (CM etc.), mainly as program. Check matters such as whether there is an environmental management plan for the construction site. However, assessment of items relating to site selection is excluded from consideration as they are handled by CASBEE for Pre-design.


Figure 8. Assessment Result Sheet

Figure 9. Score Sheet

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