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The Shimizu Institute of Technology, an urban research center

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Project Outline

The Shimizu Institute of Technology, an urban research center was planned for the purpose of realizing next-generation, environmentally friendly architecture. In designing this building, the set area of the environment was expanded from a single building to the surrounding natural environment with the theme of ecosystem restoration through biotopes. Stage I construction work of this building was completed in October 2003, and Stage II construction work ended in April 2006. Even today, this research center collects data and exchanges information with neighboring communities and organizations and aims to be a building that continues to coexist and interact with the surrounding environment.

Basic Information

[CASBEE rank] S  (5 stars)
[CASBEE tool used] CASBEE for New Construction (2004 edition)
[Location] Koto-ku, Tokyo
[Completion date]

April, 2006

[Site area] 26,442 m2
[Total floor area] 9,634 m2
[Structure] S structure (RC structure in part)
[Floors] No basement, 6 floors above ground
[Owner] Shimizu Corporation
[Designer] Shimizu Corporation, Office of First-class registered architects
[Contractor] Shimizu Corporation

Information for visitors

Tours permitted but conditional. Access the following URL to contact the
company about details.



Shimizu Institute of Technology website


  • 2nd Sustainable Building Awards, IBEC Chairperson's Prize (Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation, 2007)
  • 6th Ecobuild Award (2007)
  • 7th Environmental and Equipment Design Awards (Association of Building Engineering and Equipment, 2009)
  • 48th BCS Award (Building Contractors Society, 2007)
  • 17th Nikkei New Office Awards, Nikkei New Office Promotion Prize (New Office Promotion Association, 2004)
  • 6th JSSI Awards, Fine Work Prize (The Japan Society of Seismic Isolation, 2005)
  • Commendation by Commissioner of FDMA (Fire Disaster Management Agency 2003)
  • 6th OLUGT Director's Awards in Green Roof Category (Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Technology Development, 2007)
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