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Incubation on Campus Honjo Waseda

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Project Outline

This complex is located inside the Waseda University Honjo Campus, which is surrounded by a rich natural environment. With facilities for joint research between graduate school research labs and private companies, it was built specifically for environment- and information-related research. The aim in doing so was to encourage "universities" and "local industry" to collaborate in creating new university-spawned industries. As sustainable architecture, moreover, we aimed for buildings that would create little environmental burden and would be in harmony with the natural environment. We are now engaged in various initiatives to this end throughout the complex.

Basic Information

[CASBEE rank] S  (5 stars)
[CASBEE tool used] CASBEE for New Construction (2004 edition)
[Location] Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture
[Completion date] February, 2004
[Site area] 18,493m2
[Total floor area] 8,160m2
[Structure] RC, part S
[Floors] 3F above ground
[Owner] Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan (SMRJ)
[Designer] Nihon Sekkei, Inc.
[Contractor] Toda Corporation, Kyudenko Co., Inc., Shinryo Corporation

Information for visitors

Honjo Waseda Research Park Foundation
Nishi-Tomita 1011-3, Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture
TEL: +81-(0)495-24-7455




  • SB05 Tokyo Memorial Sustainable Building and Housing Awards, Buildings Section, Judge Encouragement Prize (Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation, 2005)
  • 4th Environmental and Equipment Design Awards (Association of Building Engineering and Equipment, 2006)
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These cases are described based on assessment results obtained using CASBEE.
CASBEE is a method for rating the environmental performance of buildings using Building Environmental Efficiency (BEE) as an indicator, which is based on the results of separate scores obtained for Q-1~Q-3 (Quality) and LR-1~LR-3 (Load Reduction).