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Daytime workshop for people with physical and intellectual disabilities "SATONOKAZE"

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Project Outline

SATONOKAZE is a daytime workshop for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. The goals of this workshop are to be a place to help the disabled live independently, to be a community center for all, from children to the elderly, and to help people find their role in the community and their reason for living through various activities. The building is designed to blend into nature by making visible the blessings of nature. To accomplish this goal, 5 strategies were adopted, and those are "utilization of solar power," "use of rainwater," "use of plants in premises," a "double roof system," and "utilization of thinned wood."

Basic Information

[CASBEE rank] A  (4 stars)
[CASBEE tool used] CASBEE for New Construction (simple edition) CASBEE-NCb_2004v1.2
[Location] 2-81, Mizukoshi, Yao, Osaka prefecture
[Completion date]

May, 2004

[Site area] 2106.85m2
[Total floor area] 993.75m2
[Structure] Steel structure
[Floors] 2 floors above ground
[Owner] POPOLO NO KAI social welfare corporation
[Designer] Seiji Nii Architect & Associates
[Contractor] Nakagawa Planning & Construction Co., Ltd.

Information for visitors

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Seiji Nii Architect & Associates




  • SB05 Tokyo Memorial Sustainable Building and Housing Awards, Buildings Section, Examination Committee Encouragement Prize (Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation, 2005)
  • 4th Ecobuild Award (2005)
  • 5th Environmental and Equipment Design Award, Prize of Excellence (Association of Building Engineering and Equipment, 2007)
  • Healthcare Architecture Awards (Japan Institute of Healthcare Architecture, 2006)
  • 25th Osaka Machinami Awards, Osaka Governor's Prize (Osaka Prefecture, 2005)
  • 12th Osaka Heartful Community Planning Awards, Osaka Governor's Prize (Osaka Prefecture, 2005)
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