Last Uploaded: July, 2008

Laketown "Miwa no Mori"

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Project Outline

This is a collection of 132 industrialized housing units in "Laketown Miwa no Mori, Plot No.14" , a district in the outskirts of Tokyo. Here, new development is underway with the target of reducing CO2 emissions from ordinary homes by 20% in the district as a whole.
Each house built in this district is designed to save energy by using high-efficiency water heaters and air conditioners, as well as high heat insulation efficiency brought by technology such as Exterior Thermal Ventilation Wall. They are also designed to take maximum advantage of natural energies by producing an ideal flow of fresh air inside the houses. This is achieved by reducing summer sunlight load through the use of deep eaves and externally attached roll-up screens, as well as the arrangement of buildings, rooms, openings, plants, and others based on simulations of the wind environment.
Besides these measures, we are also attempting to create rich ecosystems and urban areas that take account of the surrounding local environment. This can take the form of planting plans in which we select trees and shrubs that attract mainly indigenous Japanese wild birds, butterflies and other small creatures, introducing rainwater tanks, composters and other environmental items, using water retentive paving that reacts to increases in the temperature of the ground surface, and so on.

Basic Information

[CASBEE rank] S  (5 stars)
[CASBEE tool used] CASBEE for Home (Detached House) FY2007 edition
[Location] Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture
[Completion date]

February, 2008

[Site area] 207m2
[Total floor area] 150m2
[Structure] Steel frame
[Floors] 2 floors above ground
[Owner] Daiwa House Industry Co.
[Designer] Daiwa House Industry Co.
[Contractor] Daiwa House Industry Co.

Information for visitors

Not open to visitors
However, tours of the Laketown "Miwa no Mori” area and unsold housing units may be arranged.





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CASBEE is a method for rating the environmental performance of buildings using Building Environmental Efficiency (BEE) as an indicator, which is based on the results of separate scores obtained for Q-1~Q-3 (Quality) and LR-1~LR-3 (Load Reduction).