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Minato Mirai Center Building

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Project Outline

A high-quality high-performance eco-friendly office complex with architectural design and structural and equipment systems realized in an integrated manner
Not only general eco-friendly technologies but also technologies and plans that make the most of local characteristics are blended together.
In addition, the plan for the building gives consideration to the business potential of the building as a rental office.

  • Provision of various wide and open regional contribution facilities and creation of a biological environment in the large block and lot areas characteristic of the district
  • Distinctive exterior design in harmony with the buildings constructed ahead of this building in the same block
  • High safety and durability ensured by the combined use of seismic isolation and seismic response control systems
  • Daylighting system (T-Soleil) installed in an atrium in the common area of the office

Basic Information

[CASBEE rank] S  (5 stars)
[CASBEE tool used] CASBEE-Yokohama(2007 edition)
[Location] Nishi-ku, Yokohama City
[Completion date] May, 2010
[Site area] 10,132m2
[Total floor area] 95,220m2
[Structure] RC, partly SRC, and S structures
[Floors] 21F and 2BF
ODK Special Purpose Company
Business Owner:
Orix Real Estate Corporation
Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
Ken Corporation Ltd.
[Designer] TAISEI DESIGN Planners Architects & Engineers
[Contractor] Taisei Corporation Yokohama Branch

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The 1st Kanagawa Excellent Global Warming Countermeasures

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These cases are described based on assessment results obtained using CASBEE.
CASBEE is a method for rating the environmental performance of buildings using Building Environmental Efficiency (BEE) as an indicator, which is based on the results of separate scores obtained for Q-1~Q-3 (Quality) and LR-1~LR-3 (Load Reduction).