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Project Outline

AEON MALL Kusatsu, built in an exceptional location right by the Kusatsu side of the Omi Ohashi Bridge and across from Otsu on Lake Biwa, was designed as an "eco shopping mall" coexisting with local communities and blending in with the surrounding nature.
The exterior of the building was designed to fit the landscape of Lake Biwa and rustic scenery of the surrounding area and energy efficiency was incorporated into design features such as an environmentally-friendly lighting system. Furthermore, a variety of environmental technologies including natural energy and greenery utilization were introduced. The mall also promotes the importance of environmental efforts among visitors by offering information on its initiatives through eco-info terminals and panel displays.
The sustainable design of the building followed the 2008 CASBEE guidelines for new construction, earning the CASBEE-S ranking (BEE=3.8, multiple-use building: retail and parkade sections) based on a comprehensive evaluation by an independent institution (IBEC).

Basic Information

[CASBEE rank] S  (5 stars)
[CASBEE tool used] CASBEE for New Construction (2008)
[Location] Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture
[Completion date] 2008/11/20
[Site area] 102,827m2
[Total floor area] 165,238m2
[Structure] Steel reinforced concrete/Steel structure
[Floors] 6 floors aboveground /1 basement floor
[Owner] Aeon Mall Co., Ltd.
[Designer] Takenaka Corporation
[Contractor] Takenaka Corporation

Information for visitors

Open to the public
Public area of the shopping mall is open for viewing. No photography allowed. Back area is closed to the public.




  • 3rd Sustainable Building Award, Jury's Encouragement Award (IBEC, Feb. 2010)
  • 2008 Good Lighting Award (The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan, May 2009)
  • 100 Green Companies for Biodiversity Conservation (Urban Green Space Development Foundation, October 2010)
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These cases are described based on assessment results obtained using CASBEE.
CASBEE is a method for rating the environmental performance of buildings using Building Environmental Efficiency (BEE) as an indicator, which is based on the results of separate scores obtained for Q-1~Q-3 (Quality) and LR-1~LR-3 (Load Reduction).